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Frederick Goes Purple

Frederick Goes Purple

Two years ago, a young man named Eric Joy joined our team at the front desk, he had a powerful smile and always eager to learn new things!  When we hired Eric, we knew he had a struggle with addiction, but this time seemed to be different – he was eating healthier, working out, and was dependable at Six East!  Little by little, old habits and friends started creeping back into his life ~ and on September 28, 2017, we got the very sad news that he had passed away from an overdose!  Eric had wonderful, loving parents and a very caring sister, but his addiction transcended their love and caring – it was so powerful!  People living in our community from all walks of life are fighting this terrible disease, too, and they need our support to help fight opioid addiction.

Last year, Frederick County alone saw 55 fatal overdoses related to opioid misuse.  This is a national crisis, but it hits closer to home now more than ever as Frederick’s own opioid crisis continues to gather momentum.  A grassroots call to action to unify our Frederick County community to reduce substance-related deaths during National Recovery Month this September.  The entire community is encouraged to “go purple” to bring awareness and understanding of mental health and substance use disorders, and to support those living in recovery.  In memory of Eric, we will decorate and wear purple to help bring attention to this very important cause.  For more information go to: